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CLM - Verify Setup


After you set up the laminating system, print several test cards to determine how well the laminator applies material to the card.

You can print test cards from the Card Printer Driver (refer to the XPS Card Printer Driver User’s Guide), from the printer LCD panel (refer to the printer’s User’s Guide), or from the Printer Dashboard (refer to the Printer Dashboard Help). You may need to print multiple test cards to make sure that the overlay is positioned correctly. The card stock, the card design, and the printer’s environment all can affect the appearance of cards.

When evaluating a card, make sure that:

  • The overlays are being applied properly:
  • Each overlay is applied completely to the card.
  • The material adheres well to the edges of the card.
  • The overlay does not come off when the card is bent or twisted.
  • The card is debowed correctly.
  • The impression is positioned correctly and has the proper depth.

If you need to make adjustments to the laminator or overlay settings, refer to the Printer Dashboard Help.