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Intégration de NetApp ONTAP avec Entrust KeyControl et nShield HSMs

September 17, 2021
Solution delivers lifecycle management of keys protecting on-premises and cloud-based encrypted workloads, with a FIPS and Common Criterial certified high assurance option.
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Nutanix Prism Central Integration with Entrust KeyControl and nShield HSMs

September 08, 2021
Solution enables high assurance lifecycle management of keys protecting data at rest within virtual machine (VM) cluster, on-premises, and across multi-cloud deployments.
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Interoperability of Bloombase StoreSafe and Entrust KeyControl for Data-at-Rest Encryption

26 septembre 2023
This document describes the steps carried out to integrate Entrust KeyControl with Bloombase StoreSafe software appliance on VMware ESXi to deliver high bandwidth transparent storage encryption for mission critical applications.
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Entrust CloudControl for VMware NSX

August 26, 2021
Entrust and VMware have partnered on an integrated solution to enable fine-grained administrative access to configure, control, and monitor security policies for micro-segments to reduce operational and security risks. Entrust CloudControl helps ensure that VMware NSX deployments have the required administrative controls and monitoring to fundamentally strengthen security and risk posture.
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Les 10 principaux mythes sur le chiffrement

August 20, 2021
In this paper, we explore 10 of the common myths around encryption and show you how Entrust DataControl™ uniquely removes the barriers to adopting an encryption solution.
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vSphere and vSAN Encryption with Entrust KeyControl

August 19, 2021
Entrust KeyControl includes a fully functional KMIP (Key Management Interoperability Protocol) server that can serve as a vSphere KMS (Key Management Server). Once a trusted connection between KeyControl and vSphere is established, KeyControl manages the encryption keys for virtual machines in the cluster that have been encrypted with vCenter Server for vSphere virtual machine encryption or VMware vSAN encryption.
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Automated, Zero-Touch Compliance, Assessment, and Remediation Solution Brief

July 12, 2021
By utilizing Entrust CloudSPF, automating the compliance assessment, encryption, and remediation task across a true multi-cloud (AWS, Azure, and VMware) environment ensures that critical government programs are not affected by unauthorized access to sensitive data – or inadvertent changes that could render the infrastructure vulnerable to attack.
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Entrust Educational Services DataControl Essentials Training

June 16, 2021
Entrust DataControl™ Essentials training is a one-day course, delivered on site or remotely, that prepares participants to install and configure the basic features and functionality of Entrust DataControl (HTDC). The course includes hands-on labs, giving attendees actual experience with the product.
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Scaling Security Configuration Assessment and Remediation with Entrust CloudControl

June 14, 2021
Using Entrust CloudControl can significantly improve an organization’s ability to identify, remediate, and report on configuration and security management drift. These capabilities lead to increasing visibility and decreasing the risk of misconfiguration, which can lead to unintended downtime or security exposure.
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Isolation and Workload Security for Multi-Tenant Lines of Business and Applications

June 14, 2021
Entrust CloudControl solves multi-tenancy challenges by enforcing access control policies for virtualized servers and desktop infrastructure (VDI), effectively segmenting virtual deployments and securely isolating each tenant’s critical applications and data.
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