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July 06, 2020
After extensive evaluation and a competitive tender process, the Lithuanian government, chose two Datacard® PB6500™ Passport Issuance Systems and two Datacard® MX2100™ ID Card Issuance Systems to handle their personalization needs.

Card Placement Guide for Card Carrier Feeder Module

June 23, 2020
The main purpose of the Card Carrier Feeder Module is to feed tri-folded and half-folded carriers with pre-attached cards into the mail package as either a primary or secondary document.
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Info-Direct fournit des cartes de paiement innovantes

January 29, 2020
Card service bureau leverages retransfer printing technology to increase efficiency and reduce card stock inventory.
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Système de personnalisation de cartes Datacard MX8100

July 02, 2019
The Datacard MX8100 card issuance system brings unrivaled speed, reliability and cost-per-card efficiency to your issuance operations.
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Datacard MX6100 Card Issuance System

July 02, 2019
The Datacard MX6100 card issuance system is uniquely designed to address these challenges at every step of the central issuance process — from card personalization to delivery to insertion.

Customized Card Programs: 101 for Bank Marketers

July 02, 2019
The on-demand printing technologies we’ve created are based on four decades of learning how consumers interact with financial cards.
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MX9100 Card Issuance System Overview Data Sheet

July 01, 2019
The Datacard® MX9100™ Card Issuance System is today’s most advanced and feature rich flat card personalization platform.
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Durable Graphics Gold and Silver Sample Card Flyer

June 27, 2019
Durable graphics technology, available on the Datacard® MX Series systems, offers low total cost of ownership, streamlined production and innovative flat card designs to delight your cardholders
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Système de mise sous pli EXi7100

May 13, 2019
The EXi7100 Envelope Insertion System automatically combines carriers with other inserts and packages them into mail-ready envelopes.
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Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE)

Octobre 15, 2018
Largest commercial bank in Ethiopia CBE fulfills backlog and increases capacity from 10,000 card holders to 4.5 million with the Datacard® MX8100™ and MX1100™ Card Issuance Systems.
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