Simplify and secure your life

Reduce the cost, complexity, and risk of keeping your user community secure — especially in hybrid/multi-cloud environments.

Remove regulatory or corporate policy barriers to public cloud-based identity solutions with an MSP hosted solution.

Get cloud-based identities from an Entrust certified MSP

Your MSP-hosted Entrust IDaaS provides best-in-class multi-factor authentication (MFA) with support for an unrivaled number of authenticators and use cases.

Get the MSP advantage

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Reduce cost

The cost of identity-related training, equipment, and staff is absorbed by the MSP and shared across several organizations, providing you with efficiencies.

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Decrease risk

Today’s IT environments are complex, and the threat landscape continues to intensify. An MSP can help reduce risk with their own proven IAM methodologies and modern infrastructure.

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Realize high availability, efficiency, and productivity

IAM is mission-critical. It keeps your employees working and consumers transacting. An MSP has the scale to deliver IAM services more efficiently and effectively than a smaller organization trying to do everything in-house.

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Free up IT resources

MSPs complement your existing IT team, freeing them up from tedious user admin tasks to focus on strategic technology priorities for the business.

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Facilitate compliance

With a changing and increasingly complex regulatory landscape, an MSP has the scale and experience to help ensure your business is compliant.

Learn more about Entrust MSPs

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