Security and Machine Learning: Questions to ask Your Vendor, Part II

July 2019 by Sandra Carielli

A couple of months ago, there were reports on Amazon’s failed attempt to build an AI engine that would scan resumes and…

Security and Machine Learning: Questions to ask Your Vendor, Part I

July 2019 by Sandra Carielli

You keep seeing security products tout machine learning. You hear that it can make your life as a security professional…

Changing the Game with a Diverse Team

April 2019 by Sandra Carielli

I’m fascinated by the recent winning streak of Jeopardy champion James Holzhauer. What’s unique about Holzhauer’s streak is how quickly…

Webinar: Branch Offices, Local Security

July 2018 by Sandra Carielli

One of the things I appreciate about Entrust Datacard is its embrace of different working styles, particularly its support of…

Leopard Spots and Zebra Stripes: Fraud and Behavioral Analytics

June 2018 by Sandra Carielli

Did you know that every zebra has its own unique stripe pattern? Just like a human fingerprint, every zebra can…

SHA-1 Certificates: Talking to Your Leadership about the Business Risk

December 2017 by Sandra Carielli

Yeah, you know you need to upgrade from SHA-1 to SHA-256. Given the number of legacy and third party products…

Why SHA-1 Migration is Hard, And How to Address the Challenge

November 2017 by Sandra Carielli

It’s not breaking news that we need to stop using SHA-1. Public trust CAs stopped using SHA-1 to sign certificates…

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