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FPC: ‘Concrete’ Cybersecurity Plan Required by 2014

Secured By Entrust LogoThe UK’s Financial Policy Committee (FPC) is ordering banks and financial institutions to significantly strengthen identity-based security in the next six months.

In fact, in Section 13 of their September 2013 committee meeting minutes, the FPC states, per a report from the HM Treasury, that the UK banking infrastructure has a “number of potential vulnerabilities.”

What is this? Where do you start? How will you meet these timelines? Entrust is ready to help.


Watch our webinar to discover how Entrust can help you defend against advanced fraud threats and meet FPC cybersecurity guidelines.

Defend Your Bank.

Stop Malware

From securing corporate bank accounts to verifying business transactions, leverage Entrust mobile security solutions to review and approve critical transactions on a separate, secure channel. Identity-assured transactions are a proven defense against malware, advanced persistent threats and other online fraud.

Lock Down Physical & Logical Access

Integrate two security environments — physical and logical access — to provide consolidated management, improved ROI and a total security view. Entrust will help you deploy a single authentication platform to facilitate enrollment, issuance and management.

Secure Remote Employees

Authenticate remote employees to safeguard access to critical resources, information and applications. Entrust offers a full range of authenticators — including mobile OTP, eGrids and tokens — to secure diverse user populations who require varying levels of access.

Identity Assurance is Key Defense.

Authenticate Identities & Devices

Leverage smartphones to secure online transactions and defeat malicious fraud attacks that attempt to highjack customer accounts. This strategy offers safe, convenient and always-in-hand solutions to secure identities and transactions across various environments.

Secure Mobile, Leverage Mobile

Entrust offers a number of capabilities that not only help secure mobile identities and transactions, but also empower financial institutions to leverage mobile devices to improve overall security and streamline business processes. Security controls are increased across all channels, enabling more convenience for employees and customers alike.

Real-Time Fraud Detection

Real-time fraud detection monitors both user behavior and Web-access behavior for 360-degree insight to advanced fraud attack vectors. This visibility also provides the data necessary for step-up authentication to increase security during risky or suspicious transactions.

Watch our webinar to discover how Entrust can help you defend against advanced fraud threats and meet FPC cybersecurity guidelines.