Security Solutions for Financial Institutions
Security Solutions for
Financial Institutions

Layered Security for Customer Identities & Transactions

Banks, credit unions and other financial institutions face challenges on multiple fronts. Consumers are rapidly shifting to online and mobile banking. The Uberization of banking services is bringing new, non-traditional competitors into the market. And regulations are driving the need to find new sources of revenue. All of this change demands a powerful digital strategy. Entrust Datacard offers the authentication platform you need to ensure security and frictionless consumer experiences across all digital channels.

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Transform the
Consumer Experience

Want to deepen the loyalty of existing customers? Win new customers? Captivate them all by offering digital banking experiences with true WOW factor. Let us show you how to make every mobile and online interaction with your brand secure, engaging and frictionless. And as your financial institution brings new services to market, Entrust Datacard commits to supporting you with a full range of adaptive authentication solutions — we will constantly invest in ongoing innovation.

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Mobile Banking is Safer with Entrust's Transaction Guard Fraud Detection Solution

Digital Banking

Consumers love online and mobile banking services. Adoption of and requests for digital banking applications are skyrocketing. This digital transformation presents tremendous growth opportunities — and new security concerns for both the consumer and you. Banks, credit unions and other financial institutions that are providing secure digital services are seeing strong market differentiation. We offer a full range of authentication solutions that protect you and your customers from increasingly sophisticated attacks. We make it easier to offer digital banking, prevent fraud, and drive brand loyalty while staying compliant with regulations.

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With a long-standing focus on the authentication and fraud market, Entrust helps globally trusted financial institutions fight fraud in real time with the most comprehensive fraud detection solution — Entrust TransactionGuard. It provides the deployment flexibility to monitor transactions across varied applications, user communities and multiple access channels.

Entrust TransactionGuard blends a number of approaches for an integrated framework to help financial institutions detect, defend and adapt to the fast-paced fraud landscape. The zero-touch approach enables rapid deployment into complex environments, no invasive integration with banking applications, and does not impact the end-user experience.

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Entrust’s proven, cost-effective digital certificates help financial institutions communicate to customers that their website is safe and secure. Whether it’s a basic SSL certificate or more advanced EV multi-domain SSL certificates, Entrust offers a comprehensive portfolio of today’s most-used digital certificates. And all are supported by Entrust’s world-class service.

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