Entrust Solutions for FFIEC Compliance

First issued in 2005, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council’s (FFIEC) guidance for financial institutions took a strong stance in support of the deployment of stronger authentication methods, as well as fraud detection techniques, to protect customer identities and information during online banking transactions.

Updated in 2011, the “FFIEC: Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment” guidance recognizes the significant advances in criminal threats — both in sophistication and sheer frequency.

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The supplement provides comprehensive guidelines to help stop advanced attacks that target the identities and transactions of consumers and business-banking customers. This guidance suggests that affected organizations:

  • Drive Better Risk Assessment
  • Adopt Strong Authentication Standards
  • Push Toward Layered Security
  • Explore Advanced Authentication Techniques
  • Provide Technology Guidance for Compliance

Entrust provides the guidance, expertise and proven solutions to help banks and financial institutions comply with the FFIEC’s latest requirements and recommendations.