The pulse of today’s enterprise is the effectiveness and efficiency of communication. Whether it’s email, global schedule collaboration, address books and access to information, organizations and their employees thrive on access to the most essential resources — regardless of location or device used.

boxMicrosoft Exchange Server 2007 is the latest innovation that embraces that need and helps business excel. Providing a solution that strengthens the security of vital communication, Entrust offers three components of its layered security approach to enhance security for this powerful communication tool — Entrust Unified Communications Certificates (UCC), Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server and the Entrust IdentityGuard versatile authentication platform.

To ensure that Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 functionality is being used to its fullest potential, organizations must trust that vital resources, intellectual property and sensitive information are secure. Outlook Web Access should be protected with two-factor authentication, not simple usernames and passwords. Sensitive external communication needs to be encrypted without inconveniencing senders or recipients. And some functionality of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 relies on the use of Unified Communications Certificates, which aren’t provided natively by Microsoft.

Secure Access — Anywhere, Anytime
Enterprises that have been reluctant to deploy Outlook Web Access (OWA) because of username/password security concerns can now benefit from OWA convenience with easily strengthened authentication.

The Entrust IdentityGuard versatile authentication platform delivers flexible and usable strong authentication capabilities for OWA. By leveraging this multifactor authentication solution, the built-in Microsoft Exchange username/password authentication can be supplemented with knowledge-based authentication, grid cards, one-time password tokens and more.

Email Encryption — Simple, Secure
While Microsoft Outlook supports the widely used S/MIME standard for email encryption, to enable widespread, easy-to-use encryption for B2B and consumer communication requires a more automatic approach that eliminates manual steps and adapts to external-party requirements.

By deploying the Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server, organization will enjoy simple and flexible email encryption within their Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 environment. The solution will help ensure that messages are delivered securely and in the recipient’s desired encryption format (e.g., S/MIME, PGP, Web-based secure email, gateway-to-gateway TLS).

A Unified Front
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 boasts new, compelling built-in encryption features, which cannot be activated without deploying an optional Unified Communications Certificate (UCC). A special type of SSL certificate product, UCCs are used to enable security features in Microsoft’s Unified Communications initiatives. For all but the most basic Exchange 2007 deployments, UCCs are required.

Entrust was the first vendor to deliver Unified Communications Certificates compliant with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 in January 2007, and continues to deliver a highly manageable offering backed by the Entrust brand.

Entrust UCCs enable security for advanced features of Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2007, including AutoDiscovery and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) over Transport Layer Security (TLS). Customers could elect to use self-signed certificates or standard SSL certificates, but this is inconvenient and hard to manage over time. Entrust UCCs remove the hassle of acquiring and configuring multiple certificates for a single server, streamlining thecertificate management process overall.

The Next Step
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is an invaluable tool for your organization. Leveraging every resource possible, including those available within an Entrust layered security model, is the smart approach to secure your organization’s most valuable assets.

Contact Entrust to learn how Entrust IdentityGuard, Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server and Entrust Unified Communication Certificates can seamlessly strengthen your essential Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 environment.