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Visit this page for the latest updates on how Entrust is supporting its customers and partners through the global COVID-19 pandemic.
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Each Entrust office provides specific services to our customers, from sales and supplies to technical support.

Road to 398 Part 2: Best Practices Verification Support Reduced Certificate Lifetimes

Watch part two of our Road to 398 webinar series where we discuss best practices for certificate verification. During this 30-minute webinar, our verification expert shares tools and tips for verification processes that support reduced TLS/SSL certificate lifetimes and maintain compliance. Topics will cover: • Updates on CA/B Forum requirements for verification around shorter certificate lifetimes • Tools for renewing certificates in bulk with fewer touch points • Methodologies for streamlining certificate verification • What we've learned from our customers and how we've addressed it
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Our partner programs can help you differentiate your business from the competition, increase revenues, and drive customer loyalty.
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Countdown to PSD2 Compliance: Don't Forget your QWAC and QSeal Certificates

The European Banking Agency's new PSD2 deadline was set to 31 December 2020, and a major element of the Directive is the demand for Common and Secure Communication (CSC). If you are still unfamiliar with this requirement and how it relates to QWACs and QSeal Certificates, now is the time to get your questions answered. This quick webinar will give you some insight into the PSD2 compliance requirement from a Common and Secure Communication perspective. you will learn about: -The context for this requirement -The roles of QWACs and QSeal Certificates -The available solutions at Entrust Datacard
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Issuance Systems

Our government and financial high-volume issuance systems, financial instant card issuance systems, ID issuance printers, intelligent software and superior supplies are engineered to work together and with the devices and software you currently use.
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as-a-Service Solutions

Our broad portfolio of as-a-service (aaS) solutions provide the services our clients need, when they need them, with a cloud-hosted, subscription-based model.
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2022 State of the TLS/SSL Certificate Market

This year’s Frost & Sullivan study on the state of the TLS/SSL market shows that certificate usage is still on the rise – but it also indicates that some certificate authorities are better positioned than others for the future. See the full scope of certificate usage to increase your potential security, compare the world’s leading certificate authorities, and learn what risks you need to be prepared for today and tomorrow.

2021 Global Encryption Trends: Protecting data in a multi-cloud world

The use of encryption to protect sensitive data has never been higher, but deployment and management challenges abound in today’s multi-cloud world. The 2021 Global Encryption Trends Study, the most comprehensive encryption survey in the industry, highlights how organizations are managing encryption strategies in the face of changing regulations and evolving data security threats. Join Dr. Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder of the Ponemon Institute, and John Grimm, vice president of strategy and business development with Entrust, for an overview of key highlights of this just-released research, including: • Trends in encryption adoption and deployment • Evolving threats, drivers, and customer priorities • Methods of managing encryption and keys across multiple clouds • The increasing role of hardware security modules (HSMs)
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