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How to reissue SSL/TLS certificate that purchased directly from Entrust Retail Buy site ?

Question : How to reissue SSL/TLS certificate for direct buy/retail online customer from Entrust website ?


Entrust Retail online buy site is a section on the Entrust website where provide a direct sale for a single SSL/TLS certificate purchase. Customer can place an order for SSL/TLS certificate directly online from the website.

The following steps below to guide you through reissue process:

1. Login to your certificate portal using the link :

2. After the successful login, you should be directed to the main dashboard where you can see all the certificates that you purchased from Entrust.

User-added image

3. Go to the particular certificate that you need to reissue. Click the Select option under the Action tab and select Reissue.

4. You will be guided through the process of issuing a new certificate

  • Microsoft Windows Servers will require a new CSR
  • OpenSSL based servers you can use the option to “Load Previous CSR”
  • If you are unsure, always issue a new CSR from a new Private key when reissuing a certificate.

User-added image 5. Continue the process. At the last stage of the process, you will be required to confirm the reissue request. Click on Yes button if you are certain to reissue this particular certificate.

User-added image

If the reissue process has been done correctly, you should receive this message on the screen.

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6. To download the renewal certificate, you can click on the Order status page link on the screen shot above. A new window for Order Status will be opened. You should find the download link under Certificates section. Click on the “click here” link to download the reissued certificate.

User-added image

Alternatively, if you somehow has been re-directed back to main dashboard page, you can click on your order number then go to Order Status tab.

7. Continue the process of the reissue until the end of the steps. A new certificate will be created and you need to re-install this reissued certificate back into your web server or appliance.