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How to create a TXT record on Power DNS for Entrust Email Validation Method ?

-Server with installed OS such as CentOS
-PowerDNS has been setup and work properly
-An email address that function properly

Step by step create a CAA record inside the zone file:
1. Login to your DNS server using superuser as root.
2. Launch the terminal. If you don’t login as superuser then type:
$ su –
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3. Review your zone file entries by typing :
#Pdnsutil list-zone <your zone file>
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4. To edit the zone file type:
#pdnsutil edit-zone <your zone file>
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5. Place the cursor to the bottom of the entries and hit Enter button to add a new line. Create your record using the reference from the table below.
_validation-contactemail              IN           TXT         [email protected]

Save the modification and exit to the command prompt.

6. At this point the CAA record has been added to your zone file and you can restart your service by typing:
# service pdns restart
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7. Once this is setup, and the DNS information has been propagated to our Entrust DNS Server (which may take up to 12 hours), you can then use email verification method for the domain in your certificate portal. 

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