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Press Release

2020 Global PKI and IoT Trends Study Press Release (Spanish)

El estudio anual sobre las tendencias actuales en el campo de PKI e IoT encuentra un fuerte aumento en las infraestructuras de clave pública en todo el mundo, impulsadas por Internet de las cosas y los servicios en la nube.

e-ID & e-Government Ecosystem Infographic

Improved Services, Stronger Security & Lower Costs Through the Power of Trusted Identity

The Student ID Journey Gone Right

In this infographic, get a glimpse into the student ID journey gone right (and gone wrong).

LET’S TALK Internet of Things

The ioTrust™ Security Platform by Entrust Datacard helps you secure the diverse connected ecosystem in the automobile and the interactive experience with people and infrastructure, to realize value from an enhanced customer experience.


PKI is uniquely positioned for digital business – establishing trust in a world of increased interactions where value is shared between business, people, and things.

e-Passport & Border Validation Ecosystem Infographic

Every country faces critical challenges at their borders. The technologies required to address these challenges exist today. This illustration shows how they can be configured to greatly improve security and efficiency at the border.
Data Sheet

Securely Unlock the Value of Digital Business

Entrust Datacard™ ioTrust™ security solutions empower enterprises to address connecting and securing the infrastructure required to collect and transmit commands and data — from devices, applications or people.
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