Access web applications

Our seamless integration with leading EMM vendors and independent third-party web browsers helps deliver safe, certificate-based access to web applications. This approach provides an elevated user experience by eliminating the need for passwords, while still maintaining the secure protection of sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Benefits of EMM Integration


Automatically Log In

Entrust's mobile smart credentials can be paired with workstations through Bluetooth® or NFC. This allows the workstation to recognize the user's device as they approach for seamless log in.


Digitally Sign Documents

Entrust's mobile smart credential is a virtual smart card embedded in your user's device — it allows employees to digitally sign a request in the field.


Work Anywhere

Our mobile smart credential can give on-the-go access to workforces across multiple industries.

Authenticate in 4 simple steps

In conjunction with key partners, our EMM solutions empower agencies and enterprises to implement a strong security and regulators compliance solution that allows for mobile access to key applications, anytime and anywhere it is needed.

Step One

Access a secure mobile device.

Step Two

Select an easy-to-use, integrated EMM application.

Step Three

Authenticate with a frictionless push notification (Touch ID, Simple PIN, facial recognition, etc.).

Step Four

Confirm the session with a click.

Derived Credential Standards

Deigned to meet stringent U.S. federal government regulations, our mobile solutions include security- and business-enabled features to transform your work experience while ensuring compliance

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Identity Portfolio

Our identity portfolio capabilities:

The identity portfolio suited to your authentication needs

  • Consumer
  • Workforce
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