Entrust Dedicated CA Private TLS/SSL Certificates

Secure your non-registered domains

Entrust Private SSL Certificates provide the same key sizes, signing algorithms, and CA protection as our proven publicly trusted SSL certificates — but are issued via a privately shared CA that protects you against possible impersonation attacks by ensuring no two certificate names are alike.



Protects against possible impersonation attacks



Eliminates the cost of running and maintaining an internal CA

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Worldclass support

Entrust has a 4.7/5-star rating on SSL Shopper and a 98% renewal rate with enterprise customers.

Entrust Certificate Services™ Platform
Our certificate lifecycle management platform – available to all of our certificate customers – makes it easy to deploy, audit, and manage all of your digital certificates.

Platinum Services
Enterprise customers can upgrade to Platinum Services for 24x7x365 expert support, quicker verification, discovery for up to 500 certificates, and more.

Dedicated Certificate Authority Private Features

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Unlimited Reissues

Cancel and reissue SSL certificates throughout their term without hassle or replacement fees.

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Unlimited Server Licenses

Install SSL certificates on an unlimited number of servers at no extra cost.

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Backward Compatibility

Be secure even if some of your technologies do not support the most modern algorithms.

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Longer Certificate Lifecycle

Our Private SSL Certificates have a 36-month lifecycle, saving you management time and costs.

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Savings and Simplicity

Eliminate the cost of running and maintaining an internal CA for any internal network where you are considering the use of an internal PKI/CA.

Get the SSL certificate with the highest level of security

Our EV Multi-domain certificate options provide extended validation for commercial and e-commerce websites.

Get the Entrust edge

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Mayor seguridad

All of our certificates are identity checked. They support SHA-2, 2048-bit RSA keys and hybrid RSA/ECC deployments.

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Garantía contra reembolso

Entrust garantiza su total satisfacción dentro de los 30 días o con gusto le reembolsa su compra.

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Mejores prácticas

Entrust es miembro fundador del CA Security Council y del CA/B Forum y puede ayudarlo a mantenerse al tanto de los últimos protocolos de cumplimiento, noticias, tendencias y seguridad.

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Herramientas inteligentes

Entrust ofrece una variedad de herramientas que aceleran la automatización de certificados SSL y simplifican el cumplimiento.

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