Entrust at RSA: VP Rockvam’s Exclusive Interview with iSMG

Part 10 of 12 in the Series — Entrust at RSA 2014


It’s no secret that digital identities are evolving. From how they’re used, managed and deployed, digital identities are one of today’s most critical and sensitive assets. Entrust vice president David Rockman sat down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with iSMG vice president Tom Field to explore why identity-based security must evolve — especially in today’s threat landscape.

Rockvam outlines that threat vectors continue to advance in number and sophistication. Where once the most serious threats were from kiddie hacking, or hacking for honor, it’s now international actors hacking for harm. And the No. 1 target is the digital identity. Entrust began evolving ahead of this identity curve several years ago.

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Rockvam further explains why each identity isn’t created equal. One person could have 20-30 different identities between accounts, devices, applications, etc. Entrust is helping organizations bridge the gap between low-risk users and also securing large-scale or high-value transactions — all from a single security vendor.

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Entrust provides identity-based security solutions that empower enterprises, consumers, citizens and websites in more than 5,000 organizations spanning 85 countries. Entrust's identity-based approach offers the right balance between affordability, expertise and service. With more than 125 patents granted and pending, these world-class solutions include strong authentication, physical and logical access, credentialing, mobile security, fraud detection, digital certificates, SSL and PKI.


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