Entrust CEO Talks Credentials, Border Security at INTERPOL General Assembly

Mark Joynes

Entrust President and CEO Bill Conner was center stage for the world’s top law enforcement officials this week. On Monday, Conner spoke to global security leaders during INTERPOL’s 79th General Assembly in Doha, Qatar. Conner emphasized the seriousness of the current identity fraud threat landscape, and also outlined the multipurpose smartcard credentialsEntrust recently developed to properly secure the digital identities of INTERPOL officers.

“This e-ID card capability will deliver improved travel security and increased efficiency, while at the same time dramatically improving program costs,” said Conner. “By using the card form factor with a managed certificate service instead of traditional paper booklets, countries can radically reduce the total cost of issuing and managing citizen credentials.”

An industry-first, the INTERPOL e-identification card provides secure global travel, enterprise-level logical and physical access, and virtual border capabilities, at a country and individual level, to INTERPOL staff and officers in the form of one card.

Developed in partnership with EDAPS and INTERPOL, Entrust’s ICAO-compliant travel documents will assist INTERPOL officers and law enforcement around the world in their travel and pursuit of transnational criminals and enable secure physical and logical access to INTERPOL facilities, networks, desktops and mobile devices.

During the keynote “State of the Organization” presentation in Qatar, INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble praised the critical collaboration between his organization, Entrust, EDAPS and ICAO. Noble added first-hand recounts of his travels to more than 140 member countries, making him fully understand the difficulties INTERPOL officers and staff encountered during international travel — and the absolute necessity of a multipurpose travel credential.

Monday’s event marked the second time in as many months that Entrust experts have provided leadership and expertise to INTERPOL and related parties. In September, Entrust director of product management Mark Joynes spoke at the first INTERPOL Information Security Conference (IISC) in Hong Kong. His focus centered on strength of identity in the consumer space and the need for identity-based security for preparedness, detection and response to cyber- and critical-infrastructure protection.

Mark Joynes
Mark Joynes
Director, Product Management for PKI & Government Solution

Mark is Director of Product Management for Entrust PKI, Government & National ID Solutions. An Entrust veteran of 12 years, Mark has over 25 years’ experience in high-tech security. Prior to joining Entrust, Mark provided operational guidance for government secure-systems deployment, certification and accreditation consulting in law enforcement, defense and intelligence environments. Mark’s experience covers operational security policy and management across both private and public sector organizations.


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