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Flexible Authentication for Your Digital Workplace

Managing employees across LOBs and locations with unique and diverse security needs is complicated. Businesses are challenged to offer secure access to a broader array of services, applications, and physical locations while guarding against increasingly sophisticated threats. Our authentication solution helps organizations support IT agility, adapt to mobile and create better user experiences—all with help from Entrust Datacard trusted enterprise security experts. And, Entrust IdentityGuard grows with you, allowing your organization to adapt more quickly to evolving technology, business needs and sophisticated threats.

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Enable the Mobile Enterprise

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the new enterprise desktop. Employees depend on them to boost productivity, enhance service levels and improve customer outcomes. Our adaptive authentication solutions simplify this important transformation — unlocking the power of the mobile desktop by embedding a virtual smart card in mobile devices. That embedded identity brings seamless authentication to its user and allows for secure access to websites, apps, VPNs, encrypted email, digital transaction and digital form signing capabilities. Our solution enables employees to work securely anywhere-anytime using their tablets or smartphones.

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Enabling Mobile as the New Desktop. Transform your business by unlocking the power of the mobile device. Secure, frictionless access supporting a broad range of applications and use cases.


It is critical to authenticate the identity of an individual or device accessing sensitive networks, services applications or facilities. With a software authentication platform, organizations can tailor authentication — whether for physical access, the online channel or through a mobile device — depending on the type of user, risk assessment and application.

Entrust’s flagship authentication solution, Entrust IdentityGuard leads the industry as one of the most robust authentication and identity-assurance platforms. It delivers an unmatched breadth of capabilities and flexibility to meet the most demanding security environments.

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Digital certificates, as well as respective public key infrastructure (PKI) solutions, are often a prerequisite for securing high-value transactions, authenticating identities and communicating sensitive information online.

Deployed and issued properly, digital certificates secure or authenticate a wide range of identities or applications already in use within an organization. Gain this ability quickly, with predictable up-front costs and without the need for in-house PKI expertise.

Entrust Managed Services PKI helps you leverage the convenience of a full PKI without an expensive upfront investment, in-house experts or need for secure facilities.

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Entrust digital certificates are the proven, cost-effective method for properly securing the enterprise. Whether it’s a basic SSL certificate, more advanced EV multi-domain SSL certificates, or specialty certificates for secure email or Adobe PDFs, Entrust offers a comprehensive portfolio of today’s most-used digital certificate management products. And all are supported by Entrust’s world-class service.

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Entrust empowers organizations to work efficiently, communicate effectively, improve corporate and regulatory compliance, and use online products and services securely.

The unique Entrust Entelligence solution suite — Security Provider and Messaging Server — delivers multiple security layers for the enterprise, enabling strong authentication, identity assurance, digital signatures and encryption.

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