Enterprise Data Breaches. . . or why I’m really not cheating on you!


I’ve decided to branch out. Now folks, don’t go getting jealous – I’m still here for all of you who’ve come to appreciate my thoughtful, articulate and witty insight around issues tied to authentication and fraud detection – ok, I guess I’m laying it on a bit thick eh?!   But anyway, I just posted a blog today on one of the other Entrust blogs that’s focused on Enterprise Authentication, see: “When things are moving just a bit too quickly. . .  the whirlwind of data breaches!” 

Now, this may seem a departure, but in reality, it isn’t. The idea behind the post actually started with an article in BankInfoSecurity around breach fatigue (See: Battling Breach Fatigue). But with so many of the data breaches occuring these days in large enterprises, I decided it was more appropriate for the enterprise authentication blog.

But as I’ve said before, the lines around data breaches and the target of fraud threats today is increasingly blurred. Whether it’s an attack against Sony, Epsilon or Honda Canada,  or whether it’s stealing corporate secrets or accessing proprietary data, as in the EMC/RSA breach – the repurcussions are irrevocably linked.  And I think this is the point of the blog entry – data breaches are rampant, and the implications are far-reaching; which is why President Obama has stepped in with his legislative proposal for Cybersecurity.

And it’s the pace and severity of these breaches that is keeping the topic top-of-mind.


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