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Datacard® PB Series System - PB8500

March 02, 2022
The Datacard® PB8500™ Passport Issuance System is the industry’s most scalable and flexible passport personalization platform. This system provides a powerful suite of solutions to governments and integrators as they design and implement new passport issuance programs.
Solution Brochure

Credentials for Citizen eID Applications

January 23, 2020
Our comprehensive suite of solutions helps governments personalize and provision identity credentials — in traditional card and book form factors as well as digital identity in smartphones.
Case Study

Colombia e-Passport Now One of the World's Most Secure Documents

Colombia is now the first country in the Americas with an extended access control (EAC) passport. Citizens with the new passport can now travel to the European Union, as well as to Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein without needing a travel visa.
Case Study

Entrust Datacard Solutions Modernize Albanian National ID

In order to modernize Albania’s existing paper-based system, the new national ID solution needed to integrate the latest identification technologies.
White Paper

Essential Solutions for Protecting Borders and Serving Citizens

Our close partnership with government agencies and heavy participation in industry standards bodies gives us deep insights into the forces changing the government landscape.
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