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Data Sheet

Entrust nShield Remote Administration Data Sheet

April 28, 2021
nShield Remote Administration creates a secure connection between your remote HSM and your local Remote Administration Cards and TVD.
Solution Brief

Thycotic privileged access management solution integrates with Entrust nShield Connect HSMs

April 28, 2021
Integration of Entrust nShield HSMs with Thycotic’s Secret Server secures keys within carefully designed cryptographic boundaries, ensures availability by using sophisticated key management features, delivers high performance to support increasingly demanding transaction rates, and complies with regulatory requirements for financial services, enterprises, and the public sector.
Solution Brief

How nShield BYOK Gives You Greater Control Over Your Keys

April 26, 2021
Entrust provides the mechanisms that let you use your nShield HSMs to generate keys, secure long-term storage, and export your keys into the cloud, whether you’re using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Microsoft Azure. Cloud Convenience Meets Security Safer key management practices that strengthen the security of your sensitive data in the cloud Stronger key generation using nShield’s high-entropy random number generator, which is protected by FIPS-certified hardware
Compliance Brief

eIDAS-Compliant QSCD with HSM and SAM Solution Brochure

April 19, 2021
Following the directions set by the Implementation Act of the eIDAS Regulation, Entrust has developed a SAM to improve the security of remote signing deployments. It’s installed together with our nShield Connect XC HSM to form a fully compliant QSCD. The Entrust SAM ensures that the signer has sole control of signing operations. All requests go through the SAM for authorization first, which then activates the signing process using the nShield Connect XC HSM.
Integration Guide

Oracle Key Vault 21.1 nShield HSM Integration Guide

April 02, 2021
The nShield Hardware Security Module (HSM) can be used to generate and store a Root of Trust (RoT) that protects security objects used by Oracle Key Vault to safeguard users' keys and credentials.
Solution Brochure

Securing the connected vehicle

March 29, 2021
The problem: new vehicles introduce security vulnerabilities
Solution Brief

Solution Brief: nShield Salt Group Safetronic

March 24, 2021
Entrust and Salt Group help deliver PSD2/SCA compliant authentication with secure, efficient key storage.
Integration Guide

Galaxkey and nShield HSM Integration

March 19, 2021
This guide highlights how Galaxkey Cloud Server and Hybrid Appliance integrates with Entrust nShield hardware security modules (HSMs) to generate and protect critical private keys throughout their lifecycle.
Integration Guide

Apache HTTP Server - CHIL

March 17, 2021
The Apache HTTP Server 2.4.6 integrates with the Entrust nShield® Hardware Security Module (HSM) to provide a secure web server solution.

Bring your own key to Microsoft Azure

March 14, 2021
Are you ready to take advantage of the flexibility, convenience and savings of cloud-based technology while maintaining exclusive control over your sensitive data? Learn how our innovative Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) solution and Microsoft puts you in control of your cloud data.
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