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Case Study

TSP Ardaco Calls on Entrust to Provide Remote Cloud-based QSCD Mobile Solution

March 14, 2022
To help improve its security and alignment with eIDAS, the new Ardaco QSign Mobile service leverages the Entrust Remote Qualified Signature Creation Devices (QSCDs) that include high-performance nShield® hardware security modules (HSMs) bundled with Entrust Signature Activation Modules (SAMs).
Case Study

Entrust nShield HSM and Oasis Smart SIM Case Study

February 16, 2022
Oasis Smart SIM developed its own Key Management System to support two GSMA-certified PKI deployments, backed by two Entrust nShield HSMs in a secure data center in France.
Case Study

3Key Company Case Study

January 07, 2022
As a signing service solution provider, 3Key Company has been working with Entrust to develop a comprehensive and easy-to-implement remote signing solution for organizations in the EU and beyond.
Case Study

Entrust Enables Antel to Build Digital Identity and Signing Infrastructure for Uruguay

November 10, 2021
Antel chose Entrust over competitors because of its cloud security capabilities, ease of deployment and flexibility for users.
Case Study

Entrust nShield QSCD helps SIGNIUS provide eIDAS-compliant remote document signing

October 27, 2021
Read how SIGNIUS developed a cloud and on-premises document and contract signing platform with an Entrust nShield HSM as a Qualified Signature Creation Device, providing an end-to-end digital contract management and eIDAS-compliant remote signing service, with strong and flexible customer identification.
Case Study

Microsec Case Study: C-ITS and V2X with nShield HSMs

May 17, 2021
In a world of smart cities and communities, a wide range of personal, vehicle, roadside, and central devices need to be able to communicate effectively and securely. To accomplish this, vehicle manufacturers, road infrastructure providers, government authorities, and related organizations are working to standardize Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS).
Case Study

nShield Connect HSM and Novacoast Case Study

May 11, 2021
Novacoast deployed Entrust nShield® Connect hardware security modules (HSMs) to provide the root of trust for its data protection solution.
Case Study

nShield as a Service Case Study: Chemical Manufacturer

May 03, 2021
Major chemical manufacturer implements best practice security to defend against code manipulation and cyberattacks.
Case Study

Fast, simple and secure e-invoicing: Digital Planet relies on Entrust to protect its e-invoicing service

March 11, 2021
Digital Planet Technology, headquartered in Turkey, is a pioneer in e-invoicing integration systems, digital transformation and customer communication management services to large enterprises as well as small and medium sized businesses. Working through a specialized partner network, it delivers these services to top tier financial services, insurance and telecommunications companies. It also has offices in the United Kingdom, the United States and the Middle East, from where it conducts its international operations.
Case Study

Entrust and certSIGN Help Secure First Bank’s Video Banking Service

March 10, 2021
First VideoBank is an innovative service from First Bank, providing its customers with a direct audio-video connection with a banking consultant, using any device (mobile phone/tablet/laptop) that has a front camera and a stable internet connection.
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