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Entrust nShield HSMs secure Hitachi’s finger Vein Biometrics

October 30, 2020
How Entrust is helping to secure a BioPKI solution that facilitates electronic signatures of documents in the banking sector. The Challenge: Securing A Ground-breaking Authentication Technology IN A HIGHLY REGULATED INDUSTRY As a global leader in the development of technology for consumers, business and governments, Hitachi saw the opportunity for its Finger Vein biometric authentication system to revolutionize digital signatures in the banking sector.

Fortune 500 Utility Sets Up High Availability Public Key Infrastructure In A Geographically Distributed Environment

October 30, 2020
How Entrust expertise and high assurance Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) helped one of the nation's largest utilities provide strong security while simultaneously enabling new customer services. THE GOAL: PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE The IT team at one of the nation's largest utility companies set an ambitious goal for themselves and their security infrastructure.

UK high street bank builds trust and security into every payment experience with Entrust nShield HSMs

October 30, 2020
As financial crime becomes more common and sophisticated, banks and financial services companies are constantly working on better ways to combat fraud, from installing the latest technology to notifying customers when something isn’t right. This, together with ensuring its customers’ money is kept safe and secure is at the heart of the business of a major UK high street bank.

Follett protects customer data and complies with PCI DSS with Entrust

October 30, 2020
The Follett Higher Education Group uses Entrust products and services to protect credit card data from breaches and comply with PCI DSS.

Federal Grade Secured Cloud Services with ORC and Entrust

October 30, 2020
ORC’s PIVotal ID, a federated identity solution used by the U.S. government, shows how cloud-based Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) backed by hardened cryptography delivers strong security and wide interoperability For many companies thinking about moving sensitive data to the cloud, security issues remain a significant concern. But one company, Operational Research Consultants Inc. (ORC), is proving that the cloud really can be made as safe or even safer than onpremise deployments even for organizations as security-focused as the U.S. Federal Government.

North York General Hospital Uses Advanced Technology to Enhance Patient-Centric Care

October 30, 2020
North York General Hospital (NYGH) is one of Canada's leading community academic hospitals, offering a wide range of acute, ambulatory and long-term care services across its three facilities. Established in 1968 in the north central region of Toronto, the hospital currently has over 5,000 staff, physicians and volunteers. NYGH is the first acute care hospital in Canada to be presented with the prestigious Davies Award of Excellence, in recognition for its eCare initiative; an innovative hospital-wide information technology transformation project.

Memjet assures secure licensing and manufacturing with nShield

October 30, 2020
In the past, marketing was based on volume. Marketers created one message and printed high-volumes of that message for a wide audience. This type of marketing required the use of printing presses that could keep pace with the volume, not the message. Today, as consumers demand more personalized experiences from the companies they work with, this type of mass-communication is being replaced with more personalized messages. The presses that once produced such big volumes of print were not capable of creating small, customized messages that add value.

eCurrency chooses Entrust to accelerate its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) solution

October 30, 2020
Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, eCurrency is responsible for pioneering a portfolio of solutions that enable central banks to evolve their current paper and coin-based currencies into digital fiat currency. The eCurrency technology allows central banks to issue their existing currency in a digital format. While today, central banks issue currency in paper and coin form, in the near future, they will also issue that same currency in a digital format.

Fastcom increases code signing efficiency while maintaining high levels of security

October 30, 2020
The Challenge: A Better Set-top Box To Help Foxtel Maintain Its Competitive Edge The pay TV marketplace is highly competitive, with consumers regularly demanding access to new content offerings. Even in Australia, where Foxtel leads the pay TV market, the introduction of new operators means Foxtel needs to stay even more focused on new innovations in order continue delivering a great subscriber experience.

QuoVadis provides trusted and certified global certificate authority services with Entrust

October 30, 2020
How a leading global certification authority moved to assure clients and auditors it could deliver the assurance and reliability they require. THE GOAL: DELIVERING HIGH ASSURANCE CRYPTOGRAPHIC KEY MANAGEMENT Founded in 1999, QuoVadis is a leading global certification authority, providing managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services and trusted time stamping services for international companies and organizations. Headquartered in Bermuda, QuoVadis also has operations in Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.
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