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Case Study

Banco Estado Accelerates Digital Transformation with Cloud-based MFA & Card Issuance

February 24, 2022
Entrust successfully migrated BancoEstado's existing mobile banking customers from the on-premises based authentication solution to the cloud and has since scaled to support more than 9 million mobile users. With Identity as a Service (IDaaS), BancoEstado has access to a much more robust feature set including mobile soft tokens embedded within the bank’s app, adaptive risk-based authentication, and FIDO tokens for passwordless access.
Case Study

Carhartt WIP and Entrust Identity as a Service

February 02, 2022
Learn how Entrust made the switch to multi-factor authentication easy for 1,500 users.
Case Study

Case Study: Protecting workforce identities for Consolidated Bank of Kenya with Entrust Identity Enterprise

April 30, 2021
Learn how Consolidated Bank of Kenya partnered with 3QS and Entrust to rapidly deploy a solution, featuring Entrust Identity Enterprise, that provided a secure unified user login for bank employees and integrated with the bank's existing IT infrastructure.
Case Study

Evangelische Gesellschaft makes secure remote work possible for 1,000 employees

December 08, 2020
Within the shortest possible time, remote network access for 1,000 employees was to be secured using multi-factor authentication and integrated with the existing Citrix infrastructure.
Case Study

Migros Lucerne secures IT Access with SMS Passcode Multifactor Authentication

June 23, 2020
Major Switzerland food distributor improves processes by switching to token-free multi-factor authentication .
Case Study

Forward Financial Bank: SMS PASSCODE’s Multi-Factor Authentication Solution

January 24, 2019
After the fast and easy installation, everything just ran smoothly. Read more in this case study.
Case Study

DTU gets a technically sound remote-access solution

January 24, 2019
SMS PASSCODE Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) was identified as the ideal solution to support DTU’s security requirements and the advantages have been clear.
Case Study

Entrust Datacard™ Helps Banco Bice Comply With SBIF Security Regulations

Banco BICE was looking for a solution that had proven experience in the market. The Entrust Datacard solution framework would allow them to grow as new challenges and business opportunities arise.
Case Study

KuppingerCole Report: Entrust IdentityGuard for Enterprise

Entrust IdentityGuard for Enterprise provides a comprehensive solution for enterprises to select and manage the way in which organizational users are authenticated to access both physical and logical assets.
Case Study

Blue Hill Research Case Study: Selection of Entrust IdentityGuard OnPremise as an Authentication Platform Solution

This report examines the decision-making processes that led customers to choose Entrust Datacard's authentication solution.
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