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Entrust Delivers Enhanced Security for Oracle Key Vault

October 30, 2020
Entrust nShield HSMs integrated with Oracle Key Vault (OKV) to add a layer of security that safeguards master keys.

Red Hat Certificate System Solution Briefs

October 30, 2020
Building trust for public key infrastructure (PKI)

Mobile cloud payments from Rambus using Entrust nShield Connect - Bell ID HCE

October 30, 2020
Rambus and Entrust help issuers launch mobile NFC payment solutions quickly and securely. The Rambus Entrust cloud payments solution reduces the cost and complexity of provisioning NFC mobile payments for issuers by removing the need for a third party to access a secure element (SE) inside the mobile device. Download the Solution Briefs and learn how Rambus uses certified hardware security modules (HSMs) in generation, storage and distribution of keys and sensitive data for maximum protection against compromise.

Micro Focus Voltage

October 30, 2020
Organizations that process credit card payments and similar sensitive customer data such as social security numbers and other personal data, all too often recognize the need for greater security only after a data breach or organizational misuse. This results in costly consequences under an array of data protection regulations and laws, including full incident disclosure. However, to reduce risk and demonstrate compliance, many organizations employ auditable data protection processes that render sensitive information useless to all but legitimate users. By protecting sensitive data, companies can likely reduce the scope of PCI DSS audits, enable privacy compliance, and help support safe harbor from data breach disclosure with data privacy laws.

HID Global Offers Comprehensive Risk-Based Authentication Solution with Entrust nShield

October 30, 2020
Entrust nShield HSMs integrate with HID ActivID Authentication server to provide logical and physical protection of keys used to authenticate clients.

ISC - Entrust solution for high integrity DNSSEC verification

October 30, 2020
Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) and Entrust have partnered to create an integrated DNSSEC solution for BIND, the open source software most widely used for providing DNS protocols for the Internet. BIND implements the full DNSSEC standard, addressing issues in the DNS protocol. For enhanced security, BIND is integrated with Entrust nShield hardware security modules (HSMs). These high assurance HSMs prevent physical and electronic tampering, and offer the strongest protection for DNSSEC keys. Entrust delivers high assurance signing solution to enhance security for BIND Solution Benefits Mitigate threats to the DNS by implementing ISC BIND support for DNSSEC Protect keys in Entrust FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified HSMs Simplify key management operations with unique Entrust World architecture Reduce overall cost of administration, key management and regulatory compliance

Keyfactor and Entrust deliver highly scalable and secure enterprise PKI operations management

October 30, 2020
Keyfactor Command certificate management system simplifies the identification, cataloging, monitoring, issuance, and revocation of digital certificates across multiple enterprise platforms. Combined with Entrust nShield Connect HSMs, the solution delivers a high assurance PKI implementation in an economically efficient and highly scalable model.

Entrust Helps Businesses Maintain Trust in Multi-Party Invoicing Scenarios

October 30, 2020
Preparing, sending, and paying invoices is a critical process for any business. Electronic invoicing, or e-Invoicing, provides efficiency and is widely used in day-to-day transactions. Globally it is used to register purchases, as required to enforce the collection of Value Added Taxes. Solution Benefits Automates trust and verification among electronic business systems Leverages Public Key Infrastructure with high assurance private key protection Provides trusted document authenticity and non-repudiation Extends security controls to documents as they leave the organization Safeguards critical signing keys in a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified module Read this Solution Briefs to learn how Entrust nShield Hardware Security Modules help to secure electronic invoicing.

Venafi and Entrust deliver automated and secure cryptographic key orchestration

October 30, 2020
Integrated solution provides secure, high-speed orchestration of machine identities using certified hardware security modules (HSMs)

Verifone and Entrust Deliver Total Point of Sale Protection from Card Acceptance to Processing

October 30, 2020
Data breaches continue to make headlines and are costing retailers millions of dollars per year in damaged reputation and depressed sales, not to mention remediation costs and liabilities. While critical cardholder data is typically protected by payment applications using cryptography, the techniques used are not uniformly applied across the transaction chain. This leaves gaps in the process where unprotected data is vulnerable to attack. Read this Solution Briefs to learn how Verifone and Entrust together deliver a unique combination of strong security and risk mitigation against malicious capture of cardholder data.
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