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Secure access for your privileged users

Your privileged users want frictionless experiences when accessing networks and apps. Providing great UX and strong security requires adaptive authentication technologies, which make it easy to grant, manage and withdraw specific privileges instantly. It also requires the elimination of usernames and passwords to prevent theft of those types of credentials.

Common Privileged Users and Assets

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IT Leaders and Administrators

Securely accessing your critical infrastructure

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Mergers and Acquisition Teams

Keeping strategic information accessible and confidential

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CFOs and Controllers

The ability to securely access and share financial data

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Innovation and Design Teams

Protection for high-value intellectual property

Multi-level authentication for high-assurance use cases

The most secure authentication solutions will also offer multi-level authentication, which is crucial in high-assurance use cases, such as providing access for privileged users. Types of multi-level authentication include:

Device Reputation

Recognizes and detects fraud across internet devices based on patterns to stop fraud and abuse in real time, prior to login.

Transactional Analytics and Behavioral Biometrics

Analyzes points of user interaction — such as frequency of logins, or changes in touch/swipe motions — to gain a complete picture of potentially fraudulent behavior.

Step-Up Authentication

If risk is elevated for a user, it’s important to enable step-up authentication that offers the security and UX of mobile push authentication, touch ID or Bluetooth wireless login.

Adaptive risk-based authentication policies

Authentication solutions are not one size fits all, especially when it comes to high-assurance use cases like privileged users. Our platforms offer adaptive risk-based policies that allow administrators to define access control policies on a per-application or per-user group basis using:

Weighted Risk Factors

Risk factors can be weighted differently within the same application or asset, depending on the user group.

Risk-Level Definition

Administrators can define risk-levels such as low, medium and high based on application and user group.

Authentication Decisions

Our platforms enable you to allow, block or challenge access for each risk level. You can also define specific authenticators for various challenge scenarios.

Identity Portfolio

Our identity portfolio capabilities:

The identity portfolio suited to your authentication needs