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Secure your APIs at scale

APIs create new business models and interconnect applications and platforms by delegating appropriate access rights to user groups, such as customers, partners, and workers. Strengthen your API defense using the advanced authentication and authorization capabilities of Entrust Identity as a Service (IDaaS). IDaaS provides a range of access management capabilities out-of-the-box to protect APIs at scale.

Benefits of API Security

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One Digital Identity

Ensure a consistent login experience with common credentials across different digital properties. Entrust Identity as a Service supports standard federation protocols (OIDC) and extends federated authentication to cover non-standardized protocols for legacy components.

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Secure Logins

Prevent unauthorized access attempts by securing your APIs/ URLs. Bad actors use credential stuffing and brute force attacks on login to breach API infrastructures

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Transaction Verification

Protect every transaction with contextual authentication and authorization. Define transaction attributes and APIs involved to restrict access and step-up user authentication whenever conditions warrant.


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Contextual Authorization

Entrust Identity as a Service offers a low/no code solution to protect your APIs using OAuth 2.0/2.1, along with contextual user authentication for comprehensive security.

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OAuth and API Access

Restrict access to authorized users and applications by using OAuth 2.0/2.1 tokens in the API calls. OAuth is an open standard providing authorization flows for web/desktop applications and devices.

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Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Define access permissions based on the role of the user/application accessing the API for coarse-grained access controls. RBAC is relatively simple to implement but maintaining it over time becomes challenging as systems grow and permissions get more fine-grained.

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Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC)

Increase the security of your IAM solution by adopting fine-grained authorization of ABAC. Each API can be provided scopes or claims based on the attributes of the user trying to access the API/URL. Leverage this protection to provide a dynamic feature set within your application.

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API Traffic Management

Traffic management is a vital part of the modern API ecosystem. With Entrust Identity as a Service, you can restrict traffic volume and secure access from specific IP addresses.

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