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Simplify the protection of your AWS environment

In today’s hybrid and multi-cloud environments, security teams need consolidated workload visibility and policy control. Entrust CloudControl for AWS delivers tighter, more consistent security across virtual, cloud, and container environments, lowering operational overhead, and reducing staff training requirements.

CloudControl for AWS Features

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Automate security and compliance in the cloud.

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Quickly view all your AWS workloads (compute, storage, network) and determine security posture.

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Safeguard workloads using compliance templates (PCI, DISA STIG), routine re-scanning and remediation.

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See trends and identify security gaps (poorly configured permissions/open security group policies).

CloudControl for AWS Benefits

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Save Money

Pay a flat fee to protect your data in unlimited accounts.

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Single pane of glass interface with regulatory compliance templates simplify account management.

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Save Time

Eliminate management complexity with centralized management console.

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Easily monitor your accounts with custom dashboards and reports.

CloudControl for AWS Resources

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