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We've done our research and the outcome is clear: companies that embrace Shadow IT can benefit, even thrive. The Upside of Shadow IT: Productivity Meets IT Security outlines how implementing solutions that let your employees own their work experience can lead to increased productivity, improved employee retention and greater trust leadership.

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Download the report to:

  • Better understand Shadow IT
  • Discover how to balance organizational security with employee convenience
  • Uncover its most common associated challenges

IT professionals say: Shadow IT has its benefits

Entrust surveyed 1,000 U.S.-based IT professionals across levels to better understand Shadow IT.

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Be more productive

97% say employees are more productive when allowed to use preferred technologies.

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Gain competitive edge

77% say their organizations could gain competitive edge if leaders were more collaborative about finding solutions.

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Deploy more technologies

80% say their company should deploy more technologies suggested by employees.

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Increase control

37% say their organization lacks clarity on internal consequences for using new technologies without IT approval.

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