Protect your keys - or don’t bother encrypting your data

Encryption has seen quite an evolution. The technology, which can be traced back to somewhere between 1900-1500 BC, is on the cusp of entering the quantum era. But while encryption solutions may change and adapt, the importance of protecting the keys remains constant. In fact, the more effective the encryption technology, the more the keys need protecting.

Watch this quick-fire webinar to learn more about the importance of protecting your keys and the role a hardware security module can play – as well as a bit about the history of cryptography.

What products and solutions do I need?

nShield Connect

FIPS 140-2 and common criteria certified appliances that deliver scalable cryptographic key services across networks

nShield Solo

Certified PCI-express cards that deliver cryptographic key services to stand-alone servers

nShield Edge

Certified USB-connected devices that deliver cryptographic key services to desktop applications

nShield as a Service

Easy, efficient access to cryptography as a service

nShield general purpose HSMs

Security you can trust with certified HSMs

Protect your keys – software security is soft security: hardware is required

View this webinar to:

  • Understand the importance of protecting your keys
  • Realize that software security is not up to the task
  • Understand how hardware security modules are the security option you can trust
  • And learn a little bit about the history of cryptography

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