Securing Digital Identities & Information

Desktop Login

When you login to your desktop, you not only have access to the resources and information stored on the computer, but you also open a door to the corporate network and its data and applications.

The security of the desktop and of the network is only as strong as the method used to identify the users who log on to it. Organizations need to consider increasing the protection of their corporate resources by improving the mechanisms for user authentication at the time of desktop login.

Entrust delivers secure desktop login solutions using:

Using Two-Factor Authentication for Desktop Login
Entrust IdentityGuard for Microsoft Windows has been designed to work in your organization’s environment with little impact to the existing infrastructure. Entrust IdentityGuard for Microsoft Windows includes a small footprint client that provides the Entrust IdentityGuard challenge as a second step to Microsoft Windows authentication. It is designed to use your current repository of user authentication information and to address the high scalability needs of large organizations.

Using PKI-based Authentication for Desktop Login
Entrust Entelligence Security Provider is an enterprise-wide desktop security platform that enables organizations to protect desktop login, provide email security and protect data on desktops and networks using one single digital identity. The Security Provider delivers a digital ID (x.509 certificates and associated keys) to the native Windows security architecture (CryptoAPI) and automatically manages and protects this digital ID which is used to strongly authenticate users and add security, such as encryption and digital signatures, to desktop applications.

The Entrust Entelligence Security Provider is a thin-client–for rapid deployment–with broad application support. It demonstrates ease-of-use and simplified administration capabilities that have been the hallmark of Entrust solutions.