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Virtual Lunch and Learn: What you don’t understand about crypto can hurt you

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Ken Kadet / +1 952-988-1154 / [email protected]
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We know from the Hong Kong Encryption Trends Study that many Hong Kong enterprises have adopted encryption to protect their data. But what kind of encryption should you choose? Will you just convert the data into something illegible and put it back into storage? I am sure you won’t.

How about going back to basics – let’s learn why protecting encryption keys should be your ultimate focus. In this webinar you will learn:

  • The evolution of encryption
  • The difference between symmetric and asymmetric encryption
  • The truth about modern encryption – it takes just 160 days for a hacker to find your keys
  • Why you should secure your keys in hardware

Crypto keys are everywhere – from database encryption, file encryption, digital signatures and certificates to IoT device certification, blockchain, digital payments, SSL/TLS, PKI and more. And together with solutions from BeyondTrust, CyberArk, F5, Gigamon and Palo Alto, to name but a few, Entrust nShield HSMs can protect all your keys at all costs!