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How to create a CAA record on GoDaddy for Email Validation Method ?

Requirements :
  1. Account ready and activated with GoDaddy.
  2. Your own fully functional FQDN

Step by step to add a CAA record on GoDaddy DNS management:
  1. Login to your GoDaddy account:
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     2. You will be directed to My Products dashboard. Click on Manage All on Domains section to open your DNS record information.
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     3. You should see the list of your DNS zone. For this example is Click on three dots under Manage header to open the record set.
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Your record set will be opened:
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4. To add a CAA record, click on Add button. Select CAA on the list. Type the below entries to the record:
Type :CAA
Name :@
Flags :0
Tag :contactemail
Value :Your email address.
Example: [email protected]
TTL :Leave it as default (1 hour)

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Click on Save button to save the entry and at this point your CAA record has been created inside your zone file.

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