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How to add CAA record for Entrust on Amazon AWS Route 53 ?
  • You need an active account with Amazon Webservices
  • Your DNS zone has already setup and working properly on Route 53 services
Step by step to add a CAA record into the active DNS zone on Amazon AWS Route 53

1. Login to your account using your designated credential issued by Amazon
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2. You will be directed to the AWS dashboard.
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Click on Services menu on the top screen, and click on Route 53 to select the option.
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4. You will be directed to Route 53 dashboard. You should see the number of your hosted zones. Click on Hosted Zones link:
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You will see your hosted zone information. In this example: Click on the domain to go to record set information.
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Your record set information of your DNS zone should be showing something like this below:

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5. You can start to add your CAA record by clicking on Create Record Set button. Fill the CAA information:
Type dropdown boxSelect CAA
Name fieldYour own domain name. Example:
TypeSelect CAA-Certification Authority Authorization
Alias :Leave it as default
TTL :Leave it as default
Value:0 contactemail "your designated email address"

NOTE: You can add your designated email as example: 0 contactemail "[email protected]"
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Click Create button to save the record set. Your new CAA record will be saved and added to your DNS zone.
At this point the process to add a CAA record for Entrust has been completed.

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