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How to create a CAA record on FreeDNS for Entrust Email Validation Method

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Question :

How to add CAA record for Entrust Email Validation on FreeDNS


  • You need an active account with FreeDNS
  • Your DNS zone has already setup and working properly


Step by step to add a CAA record into the active DNS zone on FreeDNS

1. Login to your account using your designated credential issued by FreeDNS

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2. You will be directed to the dashboard.

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3. On the dashboard area, click on Domains link to go to your domain section. Click on manage link to open your zone information.

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4. Your zone record should be showing on the screen now.

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Click on Add link to add a New Record. Scroll down the type field to select the option for CAA (Certification Authority Auth).

Fill in the information as below:

Type : CAA
Subdomain: Leave it as default
Domain: Your own domain name. In this example is
Destination: Format : 0 contactemail “your email address”
Example: 0 contactemail “[email protected]
TTL: Leave it as default
Wildcard: You might check it if you wish to use the wildcard

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Click Save! Button to save your new record.

You will be re-directed back to the record list and you can see that your CAA entry has been added.