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Printer Manager D3.18.1 Printer Setting - Pick Tab

1) CardIntoShuttle12 
2) MotorPWM85Pick motor PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)in percent.
3) MultihopperCenterLeftOffset543 
4) MultihopperCenterRightOffset543 
5) MultihopperXHome4 
6) MultihopperXRight7 
7) MultihopperYHome78 
8) MultihopperYUp91 
9) PickAutoTimeout4000Number of milliseconds to attempt to pick a card, when the PickMethod is automatic, before declaring a card not picked condition.
10) PickCardOffset20.32Distance to move the card using the pick motor, after the input sensor event. The unit is a millimeter (1 mm is 0.040 inch) and the value is a floating point decimal with up to three significant digits, such as 0.812.
11) PickCardOffset145 
12) PickCardOffset245 
13) PickCardOffset345 
14) PickCardOffset445 
15) PickCardOffset545 
16) PickCardOffset645 
17) PickManualTimeout250Number of seconds to attempt to pick a card, when the PickMethod is Manual, before declaring a card not picked condition.
18) PickReversePwm50PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) at which the pick motor will run in reverse
19) PickReverseTime250Milliseconds to run the pick motor in reverse after picking a card, to prevent picking two cards.
20) ShuttleCardSpeed276 
21) ShuttleHorizSpeed1800 
22) ShuttleVertSpeed1800