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Artista CR8xx printer Settings Changes for Primerless Ribbons


If a customer is experiencing an issue where colors appear “light”, “faded”, or “washed-out” when using DNP (Primer-less) Ribbons, verify that the following V2HeadPower values are properly set under PRINT SETTINGS, and adjust if necessary:

V2HeadPowerBlack                        =             HeadPowerBlack + 7
V2HeadPowerMonochrome            =             HeadPowerBlack + 7

V2HeadPowerCyan                        =            V2HeadPowerBlack - 2
V2HeadPowerMagenta                  =             V2HeadPowerBlack - 1
V2HeadPowerYellow                      =             V2HeadPowerBlack + 1

Note: The Max value for any V2 head power should not exceed 140.

Also, Verify that V2RibbonPanelRegistrationOffset is set to 0.5 mm (if not, set to 0.5 mm).