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Case Study: Protecting workforce identities for Consolidated Bank of Kenya with Entrust Identity Enterprise

April 30, 2021
Learn how Consolidated Bank of Kenya partnered with 3QS and Entrust to rapidly deploy a solution, featuring Entrust Identity Enterprise, that provided a secure unified user login for bank employees and integrated with the bank's existing IT infrastructure.

Derived PIV Credential Solution

April 05, 2021
The Entrust Derived PIV Credential Solution is the first end-to-end solution for issuance and management of FIPS 201-2 compliant derived PIV credentials.

High Assurance Credential-Based Passwordless Solution

April 05, 2021
Entrust’s high assurance credential-based passwordless solution secures worker identities and protects corporate assets while supporting file encryption, email encryption, document signing, and more. It is X.509, PIV, PIV-D, and FIDO2 compliant. And it now comes with a built-in certificate authority (CA), thereby eliminating the need for any additional setup for issuing digital certificates.

Entrust Hardware Tokens Data Sheet

March 19, 2021
Entrust Hardware Tokens – including time-based, event-based, and challenge-response tokens – are one-time password (OTP) tokens that provide your organization with a secure and stable authentication solution that authenticates users for only one login session or transaction.

Certificate Solutions Hosted Services Support Schedule

March 17, 2021
The Agreement for any Support provided with respect to Entrust’s Certificate Services, Signing Automation Service, PKI as a Service and/or Remote Signing Service (each, a “Hosted Service” and collectively the “Hosted Services”) is made up of these Support terms, the Entrust General Terms and Conditions, and an Order for one or more of the Hosted Services that includes Support.

Use Your Microsoft Certificate Authority for Passwordless Authentication

February 19, 2021
Passwordless Authentication from Entrust leverages digital certificates to transform a worker's mobile device or smart card into their trusted workplace identity. Part of creating that secure and seamless user experience requires encryption key management via a certificate authority (CA).
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