Data Attacks Are Right on Track for Another Devastating Year


With large-scale retail attacks taking place in 2013, some may have thought that the year was simply an anomalous blemish on computing safety, not to be repeated again. But the storm has just begun, and all signs point to the tide of malicious breaches hurdling full throttle into the new year and beyond.

Compared to 2013, 2014 is No Better — And Has the Potential to be Worse
When it comes to data breaches, 2013 represented something of a turning point — and not for the better. For Risk Based Security, a group that recently carried out a broad overview of the 2013 threat landscape, the year signaled a key shift in the proliferation and virulence of attacks — particularly those from outside attackers, which represented 71.2 percent of total incursions.

According to the group’s report, there were more than 820 million records exposed in 2013, which marked a more than tripling of the same number from the previous year.

This year is not looking to get any better.

A recent infographic released by SafeNet expanded on a report the group conducted about malicious incursions in the first quarter of the new year. The graphic, which reflects data from January through March of 2014, reported that almost 201 million data records have been lost in that time, a number that points to the increasingly fragile nature of enterprise security in a world rife with hackers. This 201 million figure breaks down to an alarming 92,933 records taken every hour.

What is just as disconcerting as the sheer volume of records stolen is the vast variety of industries impacted. Far from just being financial enterprises hit hard by breaches, the list of attacked operational sectors includes technology (roughly 40 million stolen records), healthcare (17.8 million) and government (16 million).

Considering that the Heartbleed vulnerability did not appear until the beginning of April — after the information for the infographic was assembled — one can only assume that these numbers will see an upsurge in the forthcoming months.

This is all the more reason for businesses in every line of work to ensure they have the enterprise security in place to keep their customers happy and their operations safe. Few things are worse for a company than having to recover from a major breach, and any steps to prevent such an incident are worth taking.


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