Cybercrime Has Intensified Throughout The Year, New Study Finds


A new cybersecurity industry report has found that cybercrime was especially heavy in the first six months of 2014, with the financial, banking and retail sectors being targeted most strongly.

The study revealed that, as of July 2014, attacks have exposed more than 10 million records, CBR reported. It was also discovered that while cybercrime has been prevalent throughout the year, attacks have begun to intensify in recent months. Since July 15 there have been more than 400 reported data breaches.

“Breaches in particular are moving from being exceptional events to nearly commonplace,” wrote security researcher Christopher Budd in a blog post. “EBay, P.F.Chang’s, Evernote, Code Spaces and Feedly account for the highest profile data breach events this quarter, but not all of them. This quarter is showing that data breach events can affect anyone that stores data. There is no such thing as a safe industry or website now.”

Personal Information Heavily Targeted
Critical vulnerabilities affecting various components of Internet browsing and Web services, including operating systems, server-side libraries, applications and browsers, have caused chaos across every industry so far this year.

According to Infosecurity Magazine, attackers have shifted their focus more toward the personal information of customers in the second quarter of 2014, which can be very damaging for businesses. Organizations suffering breaches of sensitive consumer data have experienced negative impacts on sales and earnings, as well as tarnished reputations and the possibility of fines from regulators.

It has never been more important to employ enterprise security techniques. Utilizing methods like strong authentication and certificate management allows companies to reliably defend sensitive information and systems and reduce the likelihood of a data breach.


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