Comic Book Site Breached by Hacker

Even the Hulk couldn't protect against a recent comic book store security breach.

Even the Hulk couldn’t protect against a recent comic book store security breach.

An individual hacker broke into the administrative infrastructure of a popular online comic book distributor and placed user information at risk, TechCrunch reported. The site, ComiXology, sells comics to a wide range of clientele.

In 2013, more than 4 billion comics pages were purchased by customers. Unfortunately, the information for the people who bought those pages became vulnerable when one cybercriminal hacked their way into the system.

Fortunately, the site does not store customer payment information within its system, CNET reported. But it still issued instructions for all users to change their password as a preventive measure.

“We have taken additional steps to strengthen our security procedures and systems, and we will continue to implement improvements on an ongoing basis,” the company continued in its note to customers.

The ComiXology attack and others like it suggest the importance for both individuals and businesses to have solid authentication strategies in place. In the case of passwords, authentication provides an additional defensive wall to ensure better enterprise security. Hackers are a reality of the world we live in. As the range of recent breaches against businesses prove, everyone is vulnerable. But those who guard against attacks will be better prepared.


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