Cloud Security Necessary as its Popularity Increases


In a move that is sure to encourage more cloud migrations, two popular and competing cloud service providers have cut prices for customers. The Wall Street Journal reported that Google recently slashed its cloud computing prices for companies — sometimes up to 85 percent — in an apparent move to compete with rival provider Amazon.

Not to be outdone, Amazon responded two days later with another price reduction, VentureBeat reported. Industry insiders suggest that these reductions will become commonplace moving forward, as the cloud continues to gain steam in the consumer space and customers have more options to pay less.

But in spite of — or rather because of — the price drops in the cloud, it is important for all users to make sure they have a robust cloud security strategy in place. For consumers, enterprises and governments alike, the cloud offers endless benefits, but it also poses certain security risks if not properly guarded.

Therefore, individuals and organizations are encouraged to secure cloud access with a stringent authentication system to verify identities of authorized parties. If properly guarded, the cloud is the optimal computing platform.


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