Cloud & Mobile: A “silky” match made in Amazon’s Heaven


Wow, did Jeff Bezos do a good job this past Wednesday! As many of you are guessing, I am referring to Amazon’s recent press event on Wednesday. Clearly, the battle for the e-readers and tablets market have gone super nova. Overall, I think Amazon will find a good product/market fit, and likely be a substantial force in the e-reader/tablet market.

One of the announcements that caught my attention was Amazon Silk. This new offering one of the by-products of the mobile-plus-cloud marriage. Many of us in the mobile space realized for some time now that “mobile + cloud = match made in heaven.” With mobile devices being resource-constrained (e.g., memory, battery life, etc.), cloud offerings are a good way to offset storage and processing power (to name a few). So, the promise of Amazon Silk is to enhance the mobile browsing experience — decrease loading times, which in turn lowers the impact to battery life.

Since the announcement, there have a number of comments, blogs, and articles published regarding the privacy concerns of Amazon Silk. One interesting one? GigaOM: Amazon Silk or a Spider Web. What caught my attention here was the comment from the founder and CEO of OpenDNS:

“I think it’s brilliant. Not sure if people are wary of Amazon doing it since they will see all your traffic but SOMEONE should be doing this. Performance is one reason, but security benefits could be added too. Ultimately I think the idea of decoupled browsing makes a lot of sense. I’d rather a remote exploit run in a VM in the cloud instead of compromising my mobile device and rooting my phone.”

He then went on and mentioned that many consumers today realize that they have to give something up to get something (maybe this is too optimistic).

Overall, I think this is a smart move on Amazon’s part. I don’t know how much of this is a pure data capture play versus “we just want to improve performance.” Or both. Either way, I think the consumer will benefit.

Now, it will be up to you to decide if you are comfortable with Amazon knowing where you’ve gone on the Web. For many, it may not matter. By now Facebook, GooglePlus and Gmail users should know the drill.

What do you think about Amazon Silk? Good, bad or ugly?


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