Thank you for participating in the free, three-month trial of the Entrust SSL certificate for VPN applications. To ensure your Cisco ASA SSL VPN appliance is properly secured, you can easily purchase your new Entrust SSL certificate below.

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Entrust offers Cisco customers special promotional pricing* for one- and two-year SSL certificates. Choose your certificate duration below and click the buy button.
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Domestic (US, Canada)$239 $191
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A proven multifactor authentication solution helps properly secure access to your Cisco ASA appliance. To learn how to maintain compliance and protect your organization’s intellectual property via the award-winning Entrust IdentityGuard versatile authentication platform, visit

* Entrust provides Cisco customers a two-year Entrust SSL certificate for the price of a single, regularly priced one-year SSL certificate. One-year SSL certificates may be purchased at a flat, discounted rate.