Chicago Citizens Hit Hard by Data Breaches


Once upon a time, the only outbreaks that hit cities were of physical viruses. An attack of the measles in New York, the spread of a new flu in Philadelphia. But in an age of rampant cyber incursions, there’s a new kind of disease that can hone in on specific cities. Chicago is feeling the heat of data fraud.

A City With Many Cybercrime Victims
According to The Chicago Sun-Times, a consumer advocacy group called The National Consumers League recently had a news conference where it revealed the results of a survey looking into data breach incidents in four different cities. When the survey was complete, it was clear that Chicago is not doing well when it comes to protecting against malicious intrusions.

The four cities were chosen due to each having specific ties to the subject of data breaches. Miami, for instance, is a city that historically deals with a high level of identity theft cases, while LA is a place that’s taken significant efforts toward implementing anti-fraud laws.

Chicago, too, has stringent anti-fraud legislation in place, but it appears that has not played a big role in keeping the attackers out. Indeed, the presence of such laws likely does little to deter cybercriminals from carrying out targeted attacks on enterprise security. The survey found that as a resident of Chicago, if you suffer any kind of fraud, chances are good that you’ve fallen into the cross-hairs of a breacher.

For this reason, John Breyault, vice president of public policy for the National Consumers League, urged citizens to be proactive when it comes to keeping track of personal information.

“Chicagoans who receive a data breach notification should pay particular attention to purchases made online (in their name),” he said.

Attorney General of City Calling for Federal Help
With the news of Chicago’s heightened susceptibility to attacks, the state’s Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, is calling on the federal government to create a national agency charged with investigating exactly the kinds of security incidents that so encumber Chicago citizens.

“It just makes sense that somebody has to take responsibility in this day and age for putting in place safety standards for our personal financial information, because otherwise you have disruption and a significant impact, potentially, to the overall marketplace,” she said.

For all the business owners out there, though, don’t count on such a group being assembled anytime soon. Instead, be active yourselves and put enterprise security systems in place that will protect your company.


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