Entrust has partnered with Check Point Software Technologies to bring you a customized SSL certificate designed to optimize your Connectra investment at a special price.

Certificate TypePriceEnter Your Promocode**
3 Year VPN Certificate$807
2 Year VPN Certificate$538
1 Year VPN Certificate$269

What’s special about this certificate?

Connectra SSL VPN products enable applications to be dynamically added for use via the SSL VPN. Since applications may be added on an ad hoc basis, a special certificate is required to accommodate the new services dynamically.

This Connectra SSL VPN certificate will support a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) such as sslvpn.yourcompany.com. It will also include the capability for a “wildcard” function to assign FQDNs dynamically. In this case that wildcard would be *.sslvpn.yourcompany.com. The only constraint is that the wildcard must include a minimum of three “dots” and there will be no cases where *.yourcompany.com is required.

This certificate is available at a significantly lower price over traditional wildcard certificates.

** Please Note: New Check Point Connectra customers will receive an email within about a week of purchase with the promotion codes to use for purchasing the certificates online and current Check Point Connectra customers must contact their account services contact to receive the promotion codes.

Check Point Connectra is a comprehensive and unified remote access solution that unifies best-of-breed SSL VPN, IPSec VPN and integrated intrusion prevention, enabling secure connectivity to network resources for mobile and remote users.