Entrust Certificate Discovery

Track and Manage All of Your Certificates

Icon_Cert DiscoveryAs various types and sources of digital certificates are introduced into an organization, they become more difficult to track and manage — particularly if they’re issued from different certification authorities. Entrust Discovery streamlines the certificate discovery process with a certificate finding solution that inventories and manages digital certificates across diverse systems to help avoid costly application outages, losses from data breach and non-compliance.

Entrust Discovery Features

It’s critical to understand your organization’s complete security posture. But the number of certificates you have to track continuously grows alongside your organization. Entrust’s Certificate Discovery helps you find every certificate and keeps you informed of any lapses in your security. Entrust Discovery can be deployed either as a feature of our Entrust Certificate Services platform or as an on-premises solution—so you can discover, organize and manage your certificates in the way that makes most sense for you.

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Entrust Discovery Deployment Options

Cloud ModelPremises Model
A managed deployment option, Entrust's cloud model is the cost-effective approach for organizations to quickly and easily inventory all digital certificates.Designed for organizations that require more control over enterprise information (e.g., certificate information, IPs, ports, etc.).
Entrust Discovery Agent is operated on customer premises; finds both internal- and external-facing IPsEntrust Discovery Agent is operated on customer premises; finds both internal- and external-facing IPs
Entrust Discovery Manager is operated via Entrust Certificate ServicesEntrust Discovery Manager is deployed within customer environment
Annual fee to manage blocks of certificatesSubscription or Perpetual fee to manage blocks of certificates
Requires Entrust Certificate Services account to purchase Entrust DiscoveryDoes not require Entrust Certificate Services account
Subscription to Entrust Discovery pro-rated to coincide with Entrust Certificate Services account expirySubscriptions available in 1-, 2- or 3-year plans, as well as a perpetual model offer
Silver support included, platinum support availableSilver support included, platinum support available

Additional Benefits & Features

  • Includes automatic, multilevel email notifications
  • Compatible with enterprise-level operating systems
  • Available around-the-clock support
  • Service offered through Entrust Certificate Services
  • Locate certificates and prevent vulnerabilities to data breach
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Add custom fields (e.g., picklist, date, Y/N, number, comment) to track data related to each certificate
  • Certificate chain validation

  • Organizations feature helps segregate data and responsibilities
  • Rules allow you to auto-manage and auto-update certificates
  • Comprehensive dashboard for quick access to key data
  • Find ALL your certificates with multiple collection methods
  • Comprehensive SSL scan identifies rogue or expired certificates
  • Policy filters finds out-of-policy items
  • Automate inventory processes and reduce costs
  • Inventory of deployed certificates helps prove compliance
  • Automatic notifications improve work balance and reduce emergency management
  • Rapid deployment via Entrust Certificate Services provides immediate protection and payback
  • Managing certificate expiration helps avoid unplanned down time
  • Reduces expenses by enabling consolidation of certificate vendors

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