Car Wash Wiped Clean by Breachers


Their job may be to keep your car clean, but the folks over at Splash Car Wash are dealing with their own kind of grime, and it’s not the kind that can be washed away with a splash. According to FOX Connecticut, a data breach at Splash has resulted in customer information being exposed for up to 30,000 patrons.

The car wash’s CEO, Mark Curtis, admitted that between February and May of this year, six of the enterprise’s 16 locations fell victim to the attack. There’s already evidence that the hackers used the customers’ information to extract money from their accounts, often making small charges to avoid being noticed — a common practice among cybercriminals who want to reap profits undetected.

In an interview with News 8, Curtis said his organization has firmed up its security since learning of the breach and will make efforts to ensure that all affected parties are monetarily compensated if any of their funds were stolen.

This incident is a reminder that any kind of business is vulnerable to malicious incursion. From car washes to major corporations, all businesses need to prioritize enterprise security for the sake of customers as well as their own company reputation.


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