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Derived PIV Credentials – Making its way to Mobile

August 2018

NCCoE has recently released the second draft of the NIST Cybersecurity Practice Guide SP1800-12, Derived PIV Credentials. For organizations that…

We put a Smart Card inside a mobile device

August 2018 by Mike Moir

Let’s state the obvious; mobile devices are awesome. The answers to all of our questions and needs are at our…

Encryption and Deduplication – Have Your Cake and Eat it!

August 2018 by Steve Pate

The question of how encryption and deduplication work together is a question that comes up often. The concern is that…

Unlocking the use of BitLocker Encryption with vTPM Support

August 2018 by Steve Pate

In this article we will be showing how HyTrust KeyControl works in conjunction with VMware support for vTPM and explores…

vTPM Support in vSphere 6.7

August 2018 by Steve Pate

In April, VMware introduced support for vTPM for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 in vSphere 6.7. This follows on…

Singapore Healthcare Breach

August 2018 by Mike Byrnes

Breaches and data thefts happen every day, but one incident uncovered in late July in Singapore points to a significant…

Create a Brand-Building Human Connection with Card Holders

July 2018 by Dan Good

People are hardwired to lend feelings of loyalty and trust to other human beings, not to processes, technologies or even well-known…

4 things to consider when evaluating an instant issuance solution

July 2018 by Jennifer Cristallo

Instant issuance is transforming the financial services landscape. Over 3,300 branches in the U.S. have an instant issuance solution by…

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More Blog Topics