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Shadow IT: Report Reveals Evolution on Risk and Opportunity

November 2019 by Michelle Morgan-Nelsen

We set out with a research thesis to expose the dangers of Shadow IT. Instead, we discovered that Shadow IT…

Entrust Datacard Consumer Authentication “Leads the Pack” in Kuppi...

November 2019 by Barry McArthur

Entrust Datacard was cited as the Overall Leader in industry analyst firm KuppingerCole’s global 2019 Leadership Compass for Consumer Authentication….

Managing Mobile Devices with Digital Certificates

November 2019 by Samantha Mabey

The rise of digital business has transformed the way we work. One notable change is how we use our smartphones…

SSL Review: October 2019

November 2019 by Bruce Morton

CASC Paul Walsh provides a great blog about The Insecure Elephant in the Room and browser based UI Patrick Nohe hashes out Online…

Preparing for Quantum Computing

November 2019 by Diana Gruhn

Quantum computing is advancing, and while experts are not sure when there will be a quantum computer powerful enough to…

Understanding the Timing of the Quantum Threat

October 2019 by Samantha Mabey

Post-quantum computing is an inevitable threat to cybersecurity. We know there will be a quantum computer powerful enough to break…

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More Blog Topics